Thursday, May 5, 2011

First of many: Experience Bhutan launches May 5, 2011

Though I am currently in Massachusetts, I feel, to paraphrase, I've left my heart in Bhutan. Or is it my soul,  though if I'm going to be accurate, it's really only some of my luggage I've left in Bhutan. Recently returned from my 10th visit, and each visit I seem to lug about the same amount of stuff there, what I feel is needed for a 2 or 4 week stay. Overweight luggage fees never a problem flying to Asia, as I make enough visits there each year to have gained elite status with United Airlines and partners (and so receive a heftier luggage allowance), but the last leg of the journey with Drukair from Bangkok is the one where only my so far successful sweet talking keeps me from paying the fees.

There is some sweet talking the Thai staff of Drukair, though equally significant I travel with others (important to mention, I lead tours to Bhutan, my reason for all the trips, so I always have a small entourage of about 4-8 people with me), and we weigh the luggage altogether, thus avoiding fees, as enough of us are under the alloted amount, generally, though when that's not the case I've successfully resorted to cajoling.

So where was I? Oh yea, a few trips back I realized I ought to leave luggage in Bhutan, so as to not have to schlep so much there every few months. This works out pretty well, but I don't always recall just what I left, and bring duplicates of what's there, or forget to bring something I need. But by and large it works out well. I have some clothes that are permanent residents of Bhutan, so they're luckier than me. Though I feel pretty lucky to return as often as I do.

Want to join me (and my clothes) on a visit to Bhutan? Next trip: June 30-July 12, 2011. Space available. Details:

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